Whose house?


thumbnail_file-2I enjoy watching the WNBA because it is good, clean basketball. Well, normally. The 2016 championship looked more like the NBA due to the blatant fouls, traveling and poor calls by the referees. Nevertheless, I love that the WNBA is celebrating their 20th year. It reminds me of the progress we are making in gender equity when I think about all the little boys and girls that are growing up in the reality of women’s professional basketball. Two of those little girls are my own.

During game two of the WNBA finals, I was reminded about the chant “Whose House?” and the subsequent reply “Our House!” So I emailed my teachers to thank them for their presence in the hallways and their work with our students. I am also proud of the work that our hall monitors have done to support teaching, student learning and a safe, positive building climate. I said: “Don’t be surprised if I start saying “Whose House?” as I walk past you in the hallway and don’t hesitate to respond “Our House!” I want everyone in our school to feel a sense of collective ownership to our students achievement much like the Lynx fans do when they win games. The chant is like a reminder of our purpose and a call to step up the game.

Even though the Minnesota Lynx had a tragic conclusion to the season, I will always be proud that I am a Lynx fan. I am saddened that the three-time champions will be moved to a different house next season during re-construction of the Target Center. It feels like a harsh slap against the progress the WNBA has created because I know that no professional men’s team would ever be expected to move their home court for a championship game much less a whole season. Two steps forward, one back.