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I like big books and…


My kids know that I take songs and adapt the lyrics all. the. time. I thought that it might be good to share my favorite books from 2017. In my last blog I shared that I believe that reflection is a superpower and I have a friend that says that literacy is a superpower….

Looking Back and Looking Forward: A January 1st blog post


Today, my 13 year old asked my husband: “What do you think about New Years Resolutions?” I have never been supporter New Years resolutions. I wholeheartedly support reflection and setting intention. I believe an active practice of reflection is a superpower. One effective strategy is choosing a #oneword.  You can learn more about this…

In Through the Out Door


In through the out door


Growing up near Paisley Park, the kids I grew up with all had a unique familiarity with Prince. Everyone in my hometown has stories to tell about their connection to the artist formerly known as Prince. Myself included. Despite this, I never really listened to Prince’s lyrics the way I have…



I am proud to share that I have been accepted into a certificate program at Harvard. It is called the Certificate of Advanced Education Leadership. It wasn’t long ago that I attended Harvard’s Graduate School of Education’s National Institute for Urban School Leaders (see post here) and had an epic experience learning and growing my…

National Institute for Urban School Leaders


I am so thrilled that I was accepted into the National Institute for Urban School Leaders for this summer.  I believe that this opportunity will allow me to serve students and schools with even more skill and experience….