Looking Back and Looking Forward: A January 1st blog post


Today, my 13 year old asked my husband: “What do you think about New Years Resolutions?” I have never been supporter New Years resolutions. I wholeheartedly support reflection and setting intention. I believe an active practice of reflection is a superpower. One effective strategy is choosing a #oneword.  You can learn more about this strategy here. I have chosen a word intention since 2014:

2018 Strive

2017 Positive

2016 Rooted (click for the blog post)

2015 Strong

2014 Balance

Looking back at 2017, I am glad to move forward. I hope to always remember my travels, experiences and happy memories. I am grateful for the opportunity to take in art made by students, friends, colleagues, my children and a few professional artists. I am grateful for experiences like walking across the Edmond Pettus bridge in Selma because my 10 year old wanted to see it in person, watching my 12 year old express herself through art and practicing nature therapy together with my 21 year old. I am also grateful that my goal last year was to spend time each month in nature. New places I explored were Muir Woods, Itasca, Jay Cooke, Cuyana and Frontenac.

Looking forward at 2018, I am hopeful that love, kindness and justice will prevail. I will do my part to make the world a better place in my 40th year. One of my favorite authors, Brené Brown said that “healthy striving is self-focused” meaning about my own growth. I hope to valiantly strive in 2018 as a lead learner and as a strong woman/mom/auntie/wife/friend/daughter.

In 2018, I will strive to(make great efforts to):

  • take good care of myself (travel, nature therapy, art and daily habits)
  • create meaningful moments for my family
  • achieve my dreams and help others achieve theirs
  • maintain my identity, integrity, elevate voice
  • seek justice and positive change in education
  • stay positive, kind, empowering and curious